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Lessons 3-2/3-6



Biology – Monday test and chapter 10 pretest, Tuesday begin chapter 10 on cell growth, Wednesday – Friday continue with the succession through the chapter. Students will be given review sheets at the end of each section.

7th grade science – Monday read and discuss the big idea and give the concept sheet to be completed in class. Tuesday 14-10 and complete the hands on activity pg 351. Wednesday Key terms for chapter 14. Thursday chapter review pg 352 and pg 353. Friday study for the test.

Agriscience students are studying material for the upcoming career development event.

PE – Monday Wednesday and Friday; warm-ups, laps weight room and activity in the gym must stay moving. Tuesday and Thursday team sports.

Freshman Tuesday finish the class presentations on systems. Thursday questions about the body systems. 2 or 3 questions from each body system presented.


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